I’ve just heard this new and upcoming band called The Assist they are indie/alternative, well what can I say , one word excellent. The quartet are from Walsall they got together in 2014 consisting of two brothers Mikey Stanton (vocals) , and Ryan Stanton (guitar) , Jak baker (bassist) and Ben Faulkner (drums).

Just listening to the e.p at the moment which is called trouble the first track love is quite energetic ,nice guitar riffs a excellent track , flowing into the next track fashion lots of bass mix of in between the kooks and happy Monday’s sounds , then the track breaks upbeat and excellent lyrics, nyabinghi again excellent flowing to the sounds of the kooks guitars are amazing, next things get good quite refreshing tune very radio friendly upbeat catchy song foot tapper, next track and last on the e.p is time again faultless excellent lyrics very catchy and infectious melodies .

Looking like these lads will be the next big thing to come out of Birmingham can’t wait to see them live . 

By Richard Green