I’ve always been a reluctant lover of the Pop Punk style that swept the nation in the forms of Blink-182 and Green Day. However, following Best Before’s new release ‘Listen Closely’ I felt I had to share my views on the matter.
Best Before are a predominately Pop Punk band taking influences from the likes of Busted and A Day To Remember and combine this with their own modern twist to create a mesmerising overlay of individuality. The members all nourished their love for music in other bands before joining together to fulfil a side project, which more greatly intertwined with their own visions for the development of their music.
The most striking aspect about their music, for me, is the clear passion that cuts through the performance, to give the band a clear identity, a band that really care about the music they’re producing.
Their new single ‘Listen Closely’ adopts a fast tempo to reflect frustration and disorder, which runs throughout the entire song. This disorder is carried through to all members of the bands, in their own way, to create chaos that somehow slots together to construct a well balanced, congruent and serene song with overlying tones of madness.
Something so special about this band is the clear talent cradled by every single band member; not one stands out and not one disappoints. They all offer equal amounts of passion, dedication and remarkable aptitude for producing music to compose an accomplished and polished band.
Although I can’t see myself being a Pop Punk follower, this band has definitely changed my mind on the genre and what it has to offer. I have no doubt I’ll continue to support this band throughout their endeavour into the music world and wish them all the best for the future.


By Alice Broome


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