Nick Aslam interviewed on 3/5/2017 by Abi Goodyear.

Nick has been on the midlands music scene for a while now but has recently come back with a band. Having recently finished a UK tour, whilst joining Jersey Budd for 6 dates, Nick has had time to reflect and answer a few questions for us.

When did you get into music?

I’ve always been into music, I come from quite a musical family you know? Although I didn’t pick the guitar up until about 5 year ago so I’m still new to this.

Most difficult song to write and why?

Ermmm (sigh) I don’t find songs hard to write? I have to be in a certain mood and certain zone and I’ve gauged when when I can and can’t and I don’t.

I’ve always had a lot of stories that I can bite in to and and throw a knife at to cut a song. I will have cords rattling round my head and a month or so later I will put lyrics to them.

Song that holds most meaning for you?

‘Riding the Circular’ off ‘Finger Prints&’ holds the most meaning as it’s the most honest lyrics I’ve written, as I tend not to put myself in the song. And it capture that moment in time perfectly. I sometimes put it on and it still brings a tear to my eye, we musicians are a romantic lot.

Alex Turner – ‘Hard to Get Around the Wind’ off the ‘Submarine’ EP because I’m a bit of a lost soul at times and the whole EP helped me through some bad times, I used to listen to it to work and back again, so yeah it holds a special place I guess.

What have you been up to since you finished your UK tour in Burton on Trent?

Since the tour I’ve got my head down and left music alone for a bit because there’s so much going on all the time. We went in to do the drums a few weeks ago and we’re recording later this year. The new single is out soon (Clown Guns) but we’ve had a break, I’ve moved back home. Get things in order to move ahead.

What’s Jersey Budd like to tour with?

Jersey is a top guy, number one. The main thing I took was that he’s an absolute professional and what it showed me is that you get up there and give it one hundred percent regardless of the crowd or venue. And the band were tops lads too, it was a privilege.

What’s your local music scene like? Anyone we should keep an eye out for?

Erm no. Just me, [we’ve] never really had a local music scene and I’ve never played much at home. Loads of bands get big in Burton on Trent but stay big there, I’ve always had the foresight to move around, it’s hard for Burton on Trent as it’s surrounded by big cities like Leicester, Nottingham and Birmingham and their music scenes are top. But I’m sure it will get there one day soon.

What’s the worst and best gig memory?

Worst, well they’re all pretty special for their own reasons, you need shit gigs to appreciate the good ones. I can pick maybe 20 out of a hat that have been shit but they’re still special, whether you’re too drunk, too many drugs, or no crowd.

[IMG_7575Abi to Nick “surely Sheffield is your best?] Sheffield is up there. I think erm, I don’t know, I think Burton, the last gig of the tour was particularly special as it was never part of the tour originally and I booked it all, and it was sold out! It was a tell tale sign we’ve gotten bigger in the last year. We broke even, I paid for everything, the venue, the lot, we broke even bar twelve quid. But the sold out stickler was worth it, proves you want it.

Nick with Abi at Sheffield Maida Vale 17/3/2017

Can you remember your first gig?

I can! It was in front of 300 people! my uncle is in U2 UK the tribute band and I supported him at the Brew House and I was on my own. Great experience I remember being scared of saying I don’t wanna go on back stage as I was nervous but as soon as they said I didn’t have to, I got out there and was playing the first cord.

If you could collaborate with any artist who would it be and why?

Noel Gallagher- then he can say how good I am and then he can retire.

Tell us about your latest music?

Latest music we’re focusing on recording now, half way through writing the new stuff which is very direct but not too dissimilar to the social observation route I’ve went down before touched on a few subjects like politics and things people find relevant it’s still things I hear people say on the tram or bus, there’s no better inspiration that the person sitting next to you.

Plans for 2017?

Plans for 2017 really are to get more music out, keep touring and expanding the fan base. We have been really lucky for the support that has come with us so far and long may it continue.

Other than that … just keep on keeping on.

The new single ‘Clown Guns’ is out 9/6/2017 through End of The Trail Records.

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