A five piece Rock n Roll band from Nottingham made up by Billy Kennedy (Lead vocals/Guitar), Grant Bugg (Guitar), Ashley Wood (Guitar/Harmonies), Sam Beeson (Bass) and Cameron Pridgeon (Drums).

I had heard a few of their songs before seeing them live and I loved what I had heard and was looking forward to hearing them live.

Kicking off with a new track called ‘Tired’ it instantly got the crowd’s attention. It’s one of the bands more slower tracks but it draws you in and you can’t help but stop and listen to the lyrics and tap along. The venue was small which made this acoustic track sound even better, it was a track I hadn’t heard before but it instantly grab my attention.

In my eyes where they really shined is with their track ‘No No No!’, it’s catchy and I think everyone listening to the lyrics can relate to them in a way. It’s one of my favourite songs and sounds even better live. From its guitar riffs to its vocals there nothing I can fault with this track.

They are a new band to the scene and may not have a lot of experience behind them yet, but seeing them play at The Hop Merchant proved that what they do have is a knack for performing. They have a talent for song writing and to me they stand out from other bands around Nottingham with their sound and their energy. They have left a good impression on me and my friend, they are a promising band with bags of talent. They are different to other bands I’ve heard from Nottingham, they have the classic Rock n Roll sound but with their own little twist. If you get the chance to see them live then go and see them you will not be disappointed.

By Siân Parker




Set list 


‘No no no!’

‘Right Here’




‘Culture of fear’