The end of 2018 is days away, brining to an end a year full of fantastic music and gigs from some talented bands. I have been to some brilliant gigs this year and I have interviewed some great bands. I’ve managed to choose my top 10 bands of 2018, it’s been hard to choose but I’ve managed to narrow it down.

  1. Gazelle

I have known about this band for a few years now, they also featured in last year’s list as well, so they must be good to be back again in this year’s list. They are a talented band that are not afraid to be different, to me there is no other band around that sound like these. Each time I see them live they seem to get better which you think would be impossible but they somehow managed to do it. I can see 2019 being a great year for this band, with new music being released as well as a tour this band mean business and will making some huge musical waves in 2019. I know they have a young fan who is just a little too young to go and see them play live but is counting down the days until his dad say’s he can go to see them live.

2. The Ruffs

A band I have known about for a few years now, but I’ve not managed to see live until this year, it was worth the wait seeing this trio play at the beginning of this year. They are a great band to watch play live, I was certainly not disappointed when I finally got to see them live. Their music is fun, exciting and fresh and was once described by a friend of mine as ‘Loud as fuck!’. They are a talented band and with a promise of new music in 2019 they are a band to keep an eye out for. Another band that I know has a fan who’s a little too young to see this band play live but is forever playing their music.

3. Scott Bugg and The Vital Few

Another band that featured in last year’s list and have made it into 2018 list. I must admit their music isn’t something I’d usually listen to but there is something about these that make it enjoyable to listen to and fun. They released their debut EP earlier this year and what a treat to the ears that is from a talented band. They describe themselves as a Band of Brothers created by the love of music for the music and the people who love music. Be sure to look out for these guys and if you get the chance to see them live then go for it! You will not be disappointed.

4. Monico Blonde

It’s been a while since I’ve heard some high-energy indie pop bangers, but Cardiff lads Monico Blonde are bringing exactly that and it’s great to see. I was lucky enough to catch these guys live in Nottingham for a gig set up by This Feeling. I had heard about this band before from hearing them being played on Radio X, I was not disappointed with what I heard. They are a fun, talented and exciting band to see live, they are great to watch live too.

5. Those Howlin’ Sounds

A band I discovered this year, a talented four-piece band from Nottingham who released their debut album earlier this year. It’s a fantastic debut album that you need the volume turned up to the max to really enjoy listening to this amazing piece of work. I’m looking forwards to seeing what this band have planned for 2019, hopefully it will involve a lot more gigs and maybe a new song or two.


A four-piece rock n roll band from Leyland, Lancashire born out of the dissatisfaction and non-existence of decent guitar music. A band that are bringing back great guitar music and the Brit pop sound with a modern twist. They have released a few EP’s this year including their debut EP ‘The Mill’. Hopefully 2019 will be another great year for this band and will bring a few more EP’s from this band as well as some more gigs.

7. The Chase

Another band that featured is last year’s list, I discovered this band at the beginning of last year. This year the band have been busy with gig’s and releasing new music such as ‘Reign Over Me’. A great bunch of lads with a lot of talent, hopefully 2019 will bring more great music from this band.

8. Matter of Mind

I’m not usually a fan of the sort of music this band make but you can’t help but love the music these guys make. A refreshing sound from a young band who are not afraid to sound different, these are a band to keep an eye out for and one I can only see good things happening if they keep making great tracks. Hopefully this band will be touring more around the UK in 2019 as well as releasing more music, a band to watch out for in 2019.

9. Karkosa

Karkosa are a 5-piece alternative/indie rock band from Birmingham, the band was first started in 2013 by brothers Michael and Jack. Their sound of classic rock and indie rock makes this band stand out from most band that are a similar age to them. They have a lot of talent and are a great bunch of lads, they may not have a lot of experience behind them yet but seeing them play live proved that what they do have is a knack for performing.

10. War Stripes

Manchester based War Stripes are a three-piece band, A recently new band to the scene but are proving they have a talent for song writing and performing live. With a few singles under their belts hopefully next year they will be releasing an EP or two. If they keep releasing great singles, EP’s and keep gigging across the UK I can see 2019 being a good year for this band.

By Siân Parker

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