It’s been a busy 2019 for The Twang so far who have spent most of the year recording their latest album ‘If Confronted Just Go Mad’ which is due to be released on 8th November 2019. The band have been busy playing some festivals over the summer and also doing a run of gigs before they go off to support Shed Seven on their UK tour in November & December.

On Monday 14th October the band took over the 02 Academy in Leicester and played their last gig of their mini run of gigs. I’ve been lucky enough to see this band play live a few times in the past, they have never disappointed and Monday nights gig was no exception. Despite it being a damp Monday night in Leicester the band entered the stage to an almighty cheer and the crowd chanting the city’s names, just in case the band were a little unsure as to which city they were playing in.

Kicking off their set with ‘Barney Rubble’, the iconic guitar riff at the very beginning of the song had instantly grabbed the attention of the whole room. The crowd cheered and began to bounce around whilst singing along word for word. Personally this is one of my favourite songs and to me is the ideal one to start as set with as it’s one of the bands more slower songs but it always gets the crowd going.

As well as playing some classic such as ‘Either Way’, Two Lovers’ & ‘Took the Fun’ the band played some of their new tracks from their upcoming album, they played ‘Everytime’ & ‘Dream’, it’s always difficult to play new tracks as you never know how they will go down with the crowd, however the band had nothing to worry about as both tracks went down well with the crowd, there was even a little cheer for ‘Dream’. It was refreshing to hear some new tracks in the set and the vocals by Cat Mctigue were brilliant.

They ended the gig by playing ‘Cloudy Room’, from the very first few seconds the crowd were dancing along and singing along, by the time Phil had began to sing the chorus the crowd were going mental, bouncing around and drinks going flying like it was a Saturday night gig. Every time I hear the band play this song the crowd go mental and they seem to get more crazier with every time I hear them being played.

The night was full of great music and a crowd that loved every second of the band being on stage playing their amazing tracks. It was also refreshing to hear some new tracks in the set list. As well as watching the crowd enjoy every second it was also great to see the band enjoying themselves on the stage, it’s great to watch a band who can entertain the crowd and have a great connection on stage with each other. The band have been going now for quite a few years but they still always manage to sound even better every time I see them live, you can tell just from how the band play on stage they still love it and to me they always put everything they have into every gig they play.

Each time I see them live they seem to get better which you think would be impossible but they somehow managed to do it. They have a talent for song writing and there performances are brilliant, to me this band stand out from others, these guys are one of my favourite bands to see live, I never get tired of seeing them live and they always put on a great gig. They are one of my favourite bands from my childhood who I still love now.

A great night full of great music from a talented band, they well and truly got rid of my Monday blues. If for some reason you haven’t seen this band live yet you’re missing a treat.


By Siân Parker

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Set List:

Barney Rubble

Either Way

We’re a Crowd




Whoa Man


Two Lovers

Wide Awake

Took the Fun

Drinking in L.A (Bran Van 3000 cover)

Cloudy Room