The Trusted are a Southend-on-Sea indie pop rock four-piece made up of brothers Tom Cunningham (Vocals, Guitar) and Finlay Cunningham (Bass, Vocals), drummer Dave Batchelor and guitarist Dale Holt-Mead. The Trusted formed in mid-2016, but their relationship dates back to their early days at secondary school. The initial spark that formed the band was the bond over music that lead singer Tom and guitarist Dale made through their mutual appreciation of creating edgy atmospheric pop with strong melodies. The Trusted focuses on casting a dynamic range of emotions, whether it comes from a happy or sad place, the band want the listeners to feel the raw emotions radiating from their music.

The band have recently released a new single ‘Wild Love’ which was recorded and produced at SS2 Studios in Southend by Rees Broomfield. It explores themes of rejecting the harsh realities of life and the current political and social upheavals we all face with a desire to run and hide from it all. Lead singer Tom Cunningham describes the track, ‘Wild Love is a song about leaving everything behind and running away with someone. It’s a song about finding a new place away from all the trouble and pain. We all kind of want to run away even if we don’t know where we are running’.

This was the first track I had heard from this band and I was not disappointed with what I heard. On first listen, the new single is well produced, catchy and has some brilliant riffs. The chorus will no doubt get stuck in your head and will have you singing along. I was hooked from the first few seconds of listening to this track and I was left wanting to hear more from this band.

A great single from a talented band!


By Siân Parker