Birmingham born duo Hunger Moon’s captivating new single rides the waves formed by the duo’s 2018 debut single release ‘Oh Friend’, which garnered support from the likes of BBC Introducing and Rough Trade Records.

‘Patience’ is an expression of the internal battle songwriter Natalie Jenkins faced to leave a relationship that was, in her mind, already over. Natalie explains, “I knew things needed to change, but I didn’t anticipate the level of change to come. I didn’t want to cause hurt but had to learn to accept that I couldn’t become the right person. I had to have patience with myself and recognise that what I wanted was not mutual”.

What I love about this single is how relatable it is, I think we can all in one way or another relate to the lyrics. The vocals by Natalie are amazing, there is something about them that caught my attention. The vocals and a simple yet catchy guitar riff make this track sound so magical. I can imagine this single to sound amazing being played live.

The bands soft pop sound is an absolute joy to listen to, they have written and produced a song that is beautiful. What I also love about the duo is the joint song writing between James and Natalie, overall a joy to listen to and I cannot wait to hear more music from the duo.


By Siân Parker