A Manchester-based singer-songwriter, inspired by the likes of Green Day, Frank Turner and Bruce Springsteen to name a few. A solo artist however when he plays live, he has a band under the name of Sam Morris And The Dancers (Or Morris And The Dancers) – sort of a reference to/play on Morris Dancers.

Sam has recently released a new single called ‘End Of The World’ an acoustic, folk, pop rock blend that was recorded as part of my “Fair Play” EP. It’s essentially a love song about meeting someone, and how you don’t really know if it will become something more when you first meet, but having a genuine intention to get to know each other and their being no pressure for things to move at any particular pace, but happen naturally. Sam say’s “In a way I sort of see it as being a response to the way that some people use dating apps nowadays, with no intention of getting to know someone and have a relationship, and how that can make it harder for people genuinely looking to meet someone if that makes sense. The main hook is the chorus – “Hold me close tonight. It’s not the end of the world”.

The track is a little over 3 minutes of some great vocals from Sam and some catchy lyrics. It’s a bit slower to what I usually listen to, but I couldn’t help but sit there tapping along as I listened to the single. When the chorus kicks in the listener is transported to another level, you can’t help but listen to every word Sam sing’s, it tells the story so well and shows off Sam’s great writing skills.

All in all a great single by Sam and one you need to listen to, I can only see him getting better as time goes on and he gets more experience.


By Ollie Cooper