The Roster, a 5 piece unsigned indie rock band from Derby have recently released a new EP “Beyond Belief” which is available to listen to on Spotify.

You know when you hear a song, just the once and it gets stuck in your head all day? Well this was certainly the case when listening to the band’s new EP, sometimes this is the worst thing ever! However, with these brilliant tracks that wasn’t the case.  

The track that stands out to me the most from this EP is ‘Made Of Lead’, it was the first song created by the band that I heard and within seconds I was hooked, I loved the sound and the lyrics and it really caught my attention. Within the first few seconds of the track your transported to another level with the incorporation of strings, vocals and drums. They have managed to create a track with the indie rock feel to it but have also managed to add their own twist, what I also love is the fact this track is a little more slower than what you’d expect to hear from a band like The Roster but they have managed to make it work for them.

The second track on this brilliant EP is ‘Not The Same’ and wow what a track it is, It’s catchy and has some brilliant riffs and everything you’d want from an Indie track with a slight twist. The chorus will no doubt get stuck in your head and will have you singing along and to me this feels like a track I could hear being played at a festival, beer in one hand whilst dancing around to this tune what more could you want. This track is full of more aggression compared to ‘Made Of Lead’ but it shows the band can easily swap around with sounds and make it work for them.

The EP finishes with a single called ‘Sewn’, again it’s a little slower but is equally as brilliant as the first two tracks on the EP. The incorporation of piano, strings, drums and vocals are just magical and for me this track really shows of some great vocals.

A fantastic EP from a talented band, the EP itself is well produced, full of some great vocals and guitar riffs.

A great EP from an exciting band that I can see going far!


By Siân Parker