Fitting in with a more experimental vibe, the unexpected twists throughout takes Dalmas sound in a different direction. With producer and engineer Dan Mizen on board, the sonic soundscape the band create glistens in a huge production. 

Working with James Middleton of Manchester band Porij,Mary is the second single released by Dalmas in 2020. Telling the story of a dreamy and romantic relationship. Taking on an almost biblical reference, Mary represents someone everyone has in their lives, the person they want to take away to a special place and spend the rest of their lives with. Farrar’s lyrics tell the story of a romance that has to end, where two people were forced to let each other ‘slip away’.

Packed with energy and some brilliant vocals this single has everything you would want to hear from an instant memorable track, it has the sound any rock music lover would want to hear along with the bands own twist. The thing I love the most about the single is the mixture of sounds they have managed to fit into this track perfectly, it really makes this track stand out. The single is packed with great instrumentals, brilliant vocals, and a catchy melody which I found myself singing along too. Listening to the track it’s kind of reminded me of a Nirvana track but with the bands own twist to it but I won’t complain about the Nirvana part being a bit of a rock fan myself.

A great single from a brilliant band.


By Ollie Cooper