’17’ has to be one of the most angelic vocal performances I have heard from a male vocalist in recent times. Ashley sings with genuine confidence, and he transitions between his octaves impeccably on this number. 

Influenced by the likes of ‘Coldplay’ and ‘Joni Mitchell’, Ashley takes a hint from the best but adds a stamp of his own onto the final production. Vocally, it is where the track excels, and it is why this track is blowing up all across the scene. He is emotional within his delivery, he has a deep love for someone which Ashley cannot ignore, and although Ashley has not met them at a time more suitable, he knows how special it is to have met the significant other. 

He expresses his story well proving that he is not just a singer-songwriting heavyweight but also a gifted storyteller too. But, the excitement does not stop there. Musically, it shines radiantly, and although we do not hear anything too profound within the instrumental, it still delivers fearlessly. The guitar rhythm which opens is the perfect choice for this record, it harmonies well with his vocals and adds even more sentiment to the already heartfelt release. 

But, a little more edge with a guitar solo here and there could have done wonders and although the guitar does stay very much at the front, a lead line could have added even more strength. Nevertheless, many could argue the lead line is not warranted because Ashley delivers enough infection within his vocal melody, leaving us itching and gagging for more. 

Overall, an intense and exciting release from the London based musician. You can check out ’17’ by Ashley Singh below ahead of the big release on the 1st July. Also, keep up to date with the singer on social media here. 






By Dodgem