Robert O’Connor new single “Over (Before It’s Begun)” is his third collaboration with electronic artist Skynem GT, and is now available to listen to on Spotify.

Robert say’s “We worked on the track during lockdown long distance, and after lots of demos and drafts, we’ve finally got a finished track that we feel is a sort of Ibiza chill-out vibe”.

This song is a great chill dance anthem, for me it has everything you would want to hear from a instant memorable summer anthem, the feeling of dancing on a beach somewhere sunny and just enjoying life. What I love about this track is how it builds from starting with a bit of acoustic guitar before going into an echoed vocal. The beat starts slow but builds up throughout the song and really give the track a unique sound that really grabs your attention and will have you dancing around.

Robert’s voice is brilliant and really makes the listener feel the heartbreak and emotions with the words Robert sings. The music has lots of different things thrown into it, yet all together creates a great sound. From the upbeat temp to the vocals and sound there is nothing I don’t love about this track which you can tell instantly has been put together with so much care and attention to detail, for me this really is the perfect summer anthem.

A great summer anthem which would be ideal to listen to on a beach somewhere on holiday which I feel we are all missing at the moment but this track brings back a big of that holiday feel.


By Ollie Cooper







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