Near Death Experience are leaping out of the UK’s capital with their infectious and hard-hitting sound. They have only recently joined forces to make a band which bring a similar quality to a rock supergroup. 

Kicking off this triumphant release is ‘Ian Whiteling’ taking the lead with a vocal which shouts out with charisma. He provides a lot of courage in the opening section, and it has a ‘Tom Waits’ sound, which comes more dominant than ever with him putting his all into his delivery. Behind the vocal is a modern bass rhythm which proves the bassist’s ability to churn out a slammer. A drumbeat then hits and comes with an unusual structure with a slowish yet energetic tempo. 

Once the chorus hits, all the guns are firing in force. The guitar lead which echoes around the mix is nail-biting, and it leads us into the ultimate solo with it taking a 60s stance with it reminding me of the greats from the classic rock genre. Melodic is a strong point for this band, and their inflexion in the chorus is enthralling with it bringing lots of memorabilities, so much so you will not get it out of your coconut for some time.

Towards the ending of the track, the tempo picks up the pace and the band shine with stomping hits. It makes for the perfect head-shaker with ‘Ian’ screaming out with charismatic flavour in the background before delving into the chorus again for one last massive delivery. The finale is brilliant, and it leaves us itching to hit replay to get another fix one more time. 

You can listen and pre-save the groups latest single ‘Moves’ below. Also, be sure to keep up to date with the band by following them on social media below. Plenty more gems like this one are sure to come out soon. 

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By Dodgem