The four-piece rock n roll band from Leyland, Lancashire made up by Danny Bowles (Vocals/Rhythm guitar), Matt Brodwick (Lead guitar/Backing vocals), Jimmy Beer (Bass guitar) and Pete Beer (Drums) have released a brand new single ‘Endless’ which you can listen to now on all music streaming platforms.

The track starts with a simple yet catchy acoustic sound and some brilliant vocals, the combination of guitar with Danny’s vocals is magical and instantly draws you in and within seconds it will awaken every hair on the back of your neck and will grab your full attention. The beginning of this outstanding single shows off Danny’s vocals brilliantly and is a beautiful song to listen too.

The track starts simply but builds with its phenomenal and catchy guitar riffs and a chorus that you will be singing along to word for word. The single still has the Bines sound to it we all love to hear, but it shows off a slightly different side and sound to the band, we are use to hearing more upbeat singles that make us want to dance and jump about like we are at a gig and I’m sure we all wish we was at a gig right now.

The band have show with this powerful track they have the talent and skills to create a more acoustic single which is still as good as all the other Bines tracks. I fell this track would be fantastic to hear live in a small venue I fell it would be magical to hear.

Every time I hear a track by this talented band, I didn’t think the band could get any better, but every time I am proved wrong! They mean business and are a band you need to listen to for yourself to fully appreciate their talent and skills they have in creating instant memorable tracks like the new single.


By Siân Parker