Sheffield based project Francis & The Foxes have just released a new single entitled ‘25’.

Jack Francis from the band says “25 is the second single from an upcoming 6-track debut E.P. With the third single set to drop later, in the autumn of this year. Due to the nature of the band, with changing personnel, each track tends to have a different vibe and cater to a new audience, and it’s safe to say that ‘25’ well and truly fed the ego of an inner ‘Gallagher’. So that’s that box ticked!”

Jack tell us “The band is basically a big project of mine. I’ve been a solo songwriter for years, based in the North East, and have decided to take a step up to create a sound much bigger and brighter than I could create live by myself. So the project is in essence a big collaboration between me and an array of talented friends from other musical backgrounds, meaning the line-up is completely interchangeable, with the only consistent part of the process being that the songs and a handful of their parts are written and sung by myself. For example, the new track 25 features the very versatile Kieran Telford of ‘LNLYHRTS’ on lead guitar”.

What instantly grabs my attention when listening to this brilliant track is the bands unique sound they have managed to create, within the first few seconds of the track your ears are treated to the sound of a catchy guitar riff and drum beat combined with some harmonica which I can’t say is something I hear very often but the band have managed to incorporate a sound you would not expect to hear in this genera of music and make it work so well.

The band have created a track full of anthemic guitar riffs and soaring hooks, it’s catchy and upbeat sound which can be heard throughout the track will grab your attention and you will be at least tapping along to this impressive track, this track is definitely one you can’t sit still and listen to. The catchy chorus with the brilliant vocals will have you singing along within seconds. The combination of vocals and instrumentals is like nothing I’ve heard before, they have created something really special.

This track instantly had my full attention with its unique and memorable sound. I find that when I listen to a track for the first time by a band I have not heard of before it can take a few listens for me to really get into the track and like it, but that was not the case with this one, the band have really impressed me with the talent and sound which has left me wanting to hear more.

A great track!


By Siân Parker