‘Transcendence’ is the new EP By Robert O’Connor which is now available to on all music platforms. The EP will also feature the singles “Over (Before It’s Begun), “Older ‘20” and “Real Good Fight”, plus some extras – all remastered for an enhanced listening experience.

This EP has a great chill dance anthem vibe throughout which I feel we all need to hear at the moment, we need a pick me up. It has everything we have come to expect from Robert, catchy lyrics, upbeat vibe, catchy sound and brilliant vocals from Robert. As soon as I played this EP I was taken back to one of my summer holidays (when we were allowed to travel abroad) and I had the feeling of dancing on a beach somewhere sunny and just enjoying life.

My personal favourite would have to be ‘Destination Anyway’, I connected straight away with the lyrics and the sound had me tapping away instantly. The catchy chorus was stuck in my head for the rest of the day which I didn’t mine but I’m sure my son was sick of hearing me signing the lyrics out loud around the house.

The music has lots of different things thrown into it, yet all together creates a great sound, there is nothing I don’t love about this EP.

A great EP!


By Ollie Cooper







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