Revivalry are an indie band from Cleethorpes, the band have recently released a new single ‘Lost Bliss’ which is available on all music platforms. They are a young band with so much ahead of them, so much talent, passion and creativity at hand and this is display in their latest single. The single is filled with indie pop sounds and indie rock vibes and with that good old English charm.

The single screams indie within the first few seconds of the track with it’s upbeat and catchy guitar riff and drum beat, it has such a charm to it as well. The vocals fit perfectly into the track and the relatable lyrics will grab your attention as your tapping along to this great single.

I love the sound to this great single, but I feel it’s unfinished, there is something missing that will give this track the extra kick to really stand out, but there is enough here to show that the future is incredibly promising for Revivalry. There is so much on this single to enjoy and love, the single is filled with quality and great music.

Revivalry have done a great job with this single, with a little more experience I can see huge potential for this band, a talented band to keep an eye out for.


By Ollie Cooper