A four-member atmospheric rock band from Telford, Estate creates a big dreamy sound to help listeners lose themselves within their piece of music.

The band have released a new single ‘Ghost’, a single full of heavily guitar riffs, catchy lyrics and a sound which is right up my street. I was hooked within seconds and have been playing this song on repeat.

Estate energy, talent and ability to write an instant anthem is all showed in this new single, The mixture of instrumentals and vocals with the fast-moving nature of the song will have you dancing around your living room wishing you was at one of the bands gigs.

The lyrics will capture the listeners attention and they will be able to capture the feeling of being overlooked and forgotten, something I feel we can all relate too. They will capture your attention and leave you wanting to hear more.

The sound of this incredible single made me lose myself in the band’s music, I could image myself with a pint in my hand jumping around like mad at one of the band’s gigs as I was listening to this track. I love it! it has everything I look for in a track and more!

Great job!


By Ollie Cooper