East London meets West coast pop/folk via Sri Lanka and Papua New Guinea. Sisters Coco and Holly blend simple-yet-oh-so-catchy melodies with striking harmonies. They have released two singles ‘Psalms 23’ and ‘Sweetooth’ which are available on all music platforms.

Holly and Coco’s harmonious voices remain in complete sync with one another ad work so well together to create some incredible singles which will capture draw you in and you will love to hear.

These singles are impossible not to listen to from beginning to end, the strong voice with the brilliant instrumentals makes you feel like you are in a small music venue and the duo are playing to just you. The duo has managed to write the kind of songs you find yourself singing along to on first hearing, the hooks are strong and grip even when you think you’ve escaped them.

It’s hard to pick a favourite, if I had to really pick one I would have to say ‘Sweetooth’, from the vocals to the melodies there is nothing I didn’t love about the track. The upbeat sound throughout the track will no doubt have you dancing around and is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Both songs have a chilled vibe, but each track has a catchy sound you can easily recognised as the talented duos. The duo’s unique sound is magical to hear and will capture your attention and imagination within seconds.

A joy to listen to and it’s safe to say after hearing these two incredible tracks I am a fan of Xylaroo.

Great job!


By Ollie Cooper