PleasePrettylea is a singer/singer writer from the West Midlands, she has released a brand new single ‘Birthday Cards’ which is available to stream on all music platforms.

PleasePrettylea’s resonant vocals lead you down the bunny hole with Birthday Card. The track opens with soft keys lulling you into a false sense of security. Prettylea is hushing a mellow lullaby to her lost love. Synth sounds rattle, the rhythm picks up, as Prettylea’s mood turns to the weird and delightfully twisted. Birthday Card’s juxtaposing RnB/Hip-Hop beats enchant the listener throughout, while Prettylea’s sultry lyrics reveal a spiteful internal battle. Birthday Card’s scathing review displays an impressive vocal range. Slowly Prettylea reveals the secret plans of Voldermortis and her tormented mind.

The innovative melody creates a unique atmosphere, the sensational vocals capture your attention and make you sit and listen to every word. The sound along with the lyrics create something that is special, that you can’t help but love.

What I love the most the combination of genres you can hear in this track along with the unique sounds which all work so well together to create a track that stand out, I can’t think of anyone who sounds similar to PleasePrettylea.

A great single!


By Jasmine Khan & Ollie Cooper