From an attic overlooking Arnos Vale Cemetery in Bristol, Dora Lachaise creates dark and otherworldly music. After her Danny Elfman-esque debut single Bone Collector, which was picked up by BBC Bristol and Amazing Radio USA, Lachaise dives into electronica for her second single ‘I Confess’. A guitar-based songwriter who has also fronted gothic metal bands in a past life, her recent tracks have shifted towards soundtrack ambiances and electronic avant-pop. “I’m drawn to strong melodies and interesting chords, more than to any particular genre,” she says. “I want to make things that sound different.”

Inspired by a medieval statue of Mary Magdalene, ‘I Confess’ has launched Dora into the semi-finals of the Dutch national ‘Art Rocks’ competition. “Mary Magdalene’s story was used to pressure girls and women into behaving in a certain way;” she explains. “I wanted to lend my voice to Mary to defend herself, because even today, women are judged by outdated ideas.”

‘I Confess’ fits with the same sound we can hear in her previous release, the innovative melody creates a unique atmosphere, the sensational vocals capture your attention and make you sit and listen to every word. The sound along with the lyrics create something that is special, that you can’t help but love. Dora has taken a topic which is not an easy thing to write a song about and has made it relatable whilst making something that is special which is not an easy thing to do.

What I love the most in this track is the unique sounds which all work so well together to create a track that stand out. This track is really special, it’s not the sort of thing I would usually listen to myself but I could quite happily sit and listen to this incredible track on repeat all day and I wouldn’t get tired of it.

Great job Dora!

By Ollie Cooper