With their impressive repertoire that consists of hits such as ‘Born Under a Cloud’, ‘Over’, and ‘Maybe Twice’ gaining thousands of streams; Rosellas are back with a brand new single featuring JAMES guitarist Saul Davies on Violin. It has only been a few months since the band released their single ‘Damaged’ but lads have been working hard through lockdown and have created another cracking single.

You know when you hear a song, just the once and it gets stuck in your head all day? Well this was certainly the case when listening to the band’s latest single ‘When This Has All Blown Over’, sometimes this is the worst thing ever! However, with this track that was not the case.

On hearing this track for the first time, the new single has the typical Roellas sounds we have come to expect to hear, relatable lyrics and a unique sound that instantly makes this track stand out. The incorporation of strings and vocals work so well together and help to create a magical sound that you can’t help but love.

The chorus will no doubt have you singing along, a basic guarantee with any single created by the band. The lyrics are so relatable, I feel we can all think of a time where these lyrics really relate to how we felt at that time. The vocals are brilliant as well, you will be listening to every single word and you will be hooked.

It’s a quality song that you can tell has been put together with a great deal of care and attention to detail. They have managed to maintain their ability to bang out instantly memorable track and there is no doubt that this track will fit perfectly into their already impressive set list.


By Siân Parker