Hannah Rodríguez is a singer/songwriter/producer based in East London, following her previous release ‘B2in1s’, ‘Land Of Ice’ is Hannah’s latest single which is now available to stream on all music platforms.

It’s impossible to not listen to incredible single from beginning to end and not to fall in love with it’s magical sound and beautiful vocals. It usually takes me a few listens to fully get into a song, but this was not the case with this incredible single, I was sold within seconds.

As the track progresses, the music becomes even more potent with the pace picking up with a harrowing tempo. I relish how the energy leaks out of the mix as it plays through, and once we are into the chorus, it is hard to let go of the hook.

Hannah’s tones are infectious, and she deliveries a performance which has remarkable quality. It all gets underway with a crushing overture with the cymbals sounding out with power. Minna then leaps forward to the mic, and she meets the rhythm guitar with no dissonance.

Great job!


By Ollie Cooper



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