Ashley is back with a brand new single ‘We’re All Going Mad’ which is available to stream on all music platforms from today.

Ashley Stacey is a singer/songwriter from South East London. He released his debut album “The Sun Still Shines on You” in September 2020 to amazing reviews & very high praise, he has also been busy releasing new singles such as ‘Palace Pier’ and the latest single to the collection ‘We’re All Going Mad’.

The latest single is Ashley’s finest yet, it has everything I have come to expect to hear from Ashley and more. The title itself I think we can all relate to after the year we’ve all had, a year of lockdown’s and not hearing live music is enough to make anyone feel as if they are going mad. This latest track is pure class and a real treat to hear and a taster of what’s to come from his new EP which is set to be released in September.

Your ears are greeted with a punchy guitar riff which instantly grabs your attention and will have you tapping along within a few seconds of listening to the track. The riff is followed by some brilliant instrumentals which help to create a catchy, upbeat sound which you will instantly fall in love with.

Ashley’s vocals complete this impressive single, his modulated vocals draw you in and you can’t help but sit and listen to every single word he sings. The vocals combined with the brief and faultless lyrics create something that is instantly relatable and if somehow the listener wasn’t already a fan of this track they soon will be after hearing the incredible vocals and lyrics.

There is no doubt that this single will be an instant favourite of yours within the first few seconds of listening to track. It has everything I have come to expect to head from Ashley, phenomenal guitar riffs, almighty choruses, amazing vocals and a unique sound that packs a punch, this is everything you would want to hear from an instant memorable single and much more.  

Another incredible track by a talented artist.


By Siân Parker