Returning to the scene with all guns blazing, Southampton duo The Vitrines come in the form of a one-two punch. Alex Donovan and Billy Houghton are back with a no-nonsense single that encapsulates the band’s gnarly post-punk sound. ‘You Give Me Chills’ lands digitally on the 28th May. Their first release of the year, the two-piece have been carefully crafting a brand-new collection of tunes and now they’re ready to unleash the first part of their new story. Featuring fuzzy guitar melodies, powerhouse drumming, and a relentlessly hooky chorus that takes the song to the next level.

The single kicks off with an almighty drum beat and guitar riff which will grab your full attention instantly, the brilliant vocals soon kick in to give this single a fast, catchy and energetic sound which will have you wishing you were at a gig hearing this single being played live.

It’s impossible to not listen to incredible single without at least tapping along, which is a basic guarantee with any track this talented duo creates. The duo’s high energy and ability to create instantly memorable songs that grab your attention within seconds is clear and easy to see, their unique sound packs a punch and draws you in.

This has to be my favourite track so far from this talented duo, there is nothing I don’t love about it. The sound is right up my street and the energy in this track is unreal, it’s a track you defiantly need to listen to with you volume turned up to the max.

This is an impressive single, the duo has managed to create something that shows off their musical talents. It’s not easy to create a track like this especially when its created by a duo, but The Vitrines have made it look easy.

Great job guys!


By Ollie Cooper