Hailing and wailing from the sunny north-east coast, Bad Blood is an artist that has no interest in writing and recording songs easily pigeonholed under one genre, instead, preferring to play in the dirty, murky, ill-defined, grey-areas. Bad Blood aims to make the listener the lead character of each song, posing predicaments and dealing in dilemmas. Musically influenced by artists such as Alt-J, 21 pilots, Lana del Ray, Nirvana, and Paul Simon, Bad Blood says the most engaging part of the songwriting process is to be nearly finished, only to ask, “How can I rip this up?”.

The forthcoming new pop-punk single ‘Muzzle training’ looks to challenge the unspoken assumption that intelligence, ambition and success guarantee happiness, joy and contentment.    Imagine a feisty ‘Forrest Gump’ type character, enthusiastically acknowledging his limitations before proudly stating, he’s “all good with it” and you’re pretty much there.  Yeah, you get it!

If you are looking for a track which packs a punch and is full of catchy lyrics and unique sounds than look no further. This little gem is just over 2 minuets of pure talent, it’s a refreshing and fun track to listen too and one you need to add to your playlist!


By Ollie Cooper