Whisper The World Away is the new single from singer-songwriter Larry Mindel, following on from his well-received debut album of December 2020, Love in Troubled Times.

This is Larry’s first collaboration with Italian producer, Matteo Galesi, who has worked with Ten Fe, Omahrose Frank Mada and other emerging artists. Hailing from Northern Italy, the huge skies and deep lakes of the region transfer sonically into a wide and rich tapestry of sound, heard to stunning effect on this track. Coupled with Mindel’s signature warm tenor vocal, his poetic lyrics, and unexpected changes in dynamics and time signature, Whisper The World Away is a captivating three-minute symphony.

If you are someone who loves to find a new single to listen to which is full of talent, powerful lyrics and a sound you will instantly fall in love with, this is for you. You will fall in love with the sound and will have this single playing on repeat.

The lyrics are gripping even when you think you’ve escaped them, they draw you in and will have you listening to every word. What I love the most about the single is how it goes through so many emotions, the listener will instantly connect with each track and I believe will relate to a lot of the lyrics.

This single is impossible not to listen to from beginning to end, Larry has created something that sounds so special which you will fall in love with.

Great job!


By Ollie Cooper