Minna Ora is an indie-folk artist that is rapidly emerging from the underground. Moreover, her new single, ‘Fire,’ is a seductive concoction of all things great that leaves a lasting impact from the first listen.

Minna takes us on a journey and leaves no room for misunderstanding, her message striking us right away. She is bold in her approach to songwriting, and she illustrates how even the most improbable goals may be realised. Minna also conquered cancer, and she offers hope and positivity to anyone who is going through a difficult time.

In terms of music, the tune takes a new turn. However, it does not sit so much out of place that you will not notice the impact. So much so that the song borrows from the greats. However, it also brings something distinct and novel to the table.

In addition, the music video that accompanies the release contributes to the song’s overall emotion. It gives us a better understanding of Minna’s talent, and she isn’t afraid to let off steam. Minna also rolls around on the floor in a spectacular motion in the video. She picks herself up regularly, which serves as a metaphor for overcoming cancer. In addition, the footage promotes calmness and urges individuals who are afraid to remain calm.

The song and video are both compelling, and it’s difficult not to be drawn to Minna as she moves through the record.

By Dodgem

You can take a listen to ‘Fire’ by Minna Ora below.