Jay Naylor is a musician from Nottingham, his single ‘Roger That’ is available to stream on all music platforms. The song is about the state of our shared world and how anyone can see that things need to change.

This single had me hooked within seconds with it’s gripping guitar riff which starts simple but builds and will awake every hair on the back of your neck. It’s catchy sound along with the brilliant instrumentals will have you tapping along as the songs plays, what I also love is the fact this all works so well together, and nothing overpower the other.

The brilliant vocals will have you listening to every word Jay sing’s efficiently, the lyrics are meaningful and help to create such a gripping track which you will not be able to escape from once you have started to listen to it. The lyrics tackle the current state of our world, which is not an easy topic to make a song about, but Jay has made it look easy.

His musical style comes from a love of 70’s rock which you can hear in this incredible track, it has that 70’s guitar sound but with a modern twist. Jay has also experimented sonically to create a musical sound that is unique to him whilst also being able to connect with the listener.

The soft and soothing sound throughout the track is a joy to listen to, it’s gripping, reliable and will leave you wanting to hear more. This was the first track I have heard from Jay and I was impressed, this track was added straight to my playlist and was played on repeat which is a positive sign that I loved it.

You need to listen to this treat for yourself!

Great job Jay!

By Ollie Cooper





Guitar, Vocals – Jay Naylor

Drums – Jed Naylor

Backing Vocals – Charity Stow

Mixing and Mastering – Benny Turner at Drip Dry Studios