Returning with one of her most striking, personal works to date – British/Spanish genre-chameleon Nadia Sheikh today shares her first release of 2021 – ‘IDWK (I Don’t Wanna Know)’. The new single is a combination of indie and alt-rock resulting in a smooth and comforting single which will awaken every hair on the back of your neck.

Having spent the past twelve months working on perfect both her songwriting and the sound she’s cultivated with her band and core collaborators Rowan Davies (bass) and George Gardiner (drums), ‘IDWK’ marks a new beginning for Nadia as she prepares for the release of a new EP in 2022 and a run of UK headline shows set for October, including dates in London, Cardiff, Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds.

Loaded with an air of breathtaking urgency as her hypnotic vocals crash amongst crescending indie-rock instrumentation, the endearing and powerful cut finds Nadia deep in conversation with herself, acknowledging some of the personal problems many of us tend to brush aside.

The combination of instrumentals and Nadia’s haunting vocals will have you gripped and listening to every word and leave you wanting to hear more. There is something about this single that is gripping and very soothing at the same time, it has the ability to chill you out as you listen but at the same time treat you ears to a gripping chorus and riffs.

This track was the first I’ve heard from Nadia and it’s safe to say I was impressed, from the gripping vocals that tell a story that we can all relate to in one way or another to the smoothing sounds, there is something for everyone to love on this single.


By Ollie Cooper