Papa George, born in London from Greek Cypriot parents, is no stranger on the UK & European blues scene. Four decades of playing “live electric and acoustic blues” and now has reputation to be reckoned with. A quote from Muddy Waters guitarist, Bob Margolin, described George as being “A powerful Deep Blues player…a spectacular blues artist. He’s got power and nuance as a master entertainer”

‘These Wheels’ is an incredible album which will capture your attention, you will be playing this album on repeat and will become hooked.

This album has some gripping instrumentals which will have you tapping along within seconds, the riffs are insane and are a treat for your ears to hear. The lyrics are relatable and really help the listener connect with the songs, whilst the brilliant vocals will have you listening to every word and is guaranteed to induce tears and awaken every hair on the back of your neck.

Every track on this album is brilliant and special in it’s own way, but if I had to pick one as my favourite I would have to say it’s ‘Deep Blue’, the instrumental from the very beginning had me hooked, it starts off soft and slowly grows into an fantastic track which will have you tapping along and wishing you was hearing this track being played live. It’s the perfect ending to this incredible album.

This is an album you need to listen too, believe me you will not be disappointed.

By Ollie Cooper