‘The Past 6 Months’ is the debut single from Bristol based 4 piece, The 139 named after their current shared home. ‘The Past 6 Months’ narrates lead vocalist Tom Smee’s previous 6 months through the peak of restrictions, and longs for the return of normal.

The tracks energy is heightened by Danny Hammond (Drums) and Ben Eve’s (Bass) solid backline, in tandem with George Baynes’ rhythmic lead lines.

There is no better feeling than finding a new band, playing one of their tracks, instantly becoming hooked and excited about this band you have discovered. This was the feeling I got when I pressed play on ‘The Past 6 Months’, it’s unique sound, brilliant instrumentals and vocals grabbed my attention and there was no escaping the grip of this easy listening track.

It usually takes me a few listens to a song I have just discovered to fully get into it, however, this was not the case with ‘The Past 6 Months’. I found myself tapping along to the track and having the lyrics stuck in my head for the rest of the day which for me is a good sign as it shows I have already fallen in love with the track.

What I love about this single is the relatable lyrics, I feel we call all relate to them in one way or another which I feel helps to really connect to the single. I found myself listening to every word in this single and picturing a story about something that sounded awfully familiar to myself.

They have managed to combine the mixture of sounds and make them work well which is not an easy task, but they have made this task look easy. I really cannot fault this track which proves the band can write some great tracks that you will full in love with. You need to listen to from start to finish to fully appreciate for yourself how good it is.

A brilliant instant memorable track from an exciting and talented band that I feel have a good and promising future ahead, I can’t wait to hear more music from this band.


By Siân Parker