Charity Stow is a singer-songwriter based in Nottingham she has released a new single, ‘Perfect Thought’ which is now available to stream on all music platforms.

This is Charity’s fourth single and it is also the title track of her EP which will be released 24/09/21 and is now available to pre-save.

‘Perfect Thought’ is a little over 3 minutes of beautiful vocals and a simple yet catchy acoustic sound and relatable lyrics that are told through beautiful vocals. The track starts with a simple acoustic sound but quickly builds with some brilliant instrumentals, gripping harmonies and a sound which will capture your full attention.

The combination of guitar with Charity’s vocals is magical and is guaranteed to awaken every hair on the back of your neck. The lyrics will have you gripped and there is no escaping from them, they are relatable and will have any listener hooked.

This was the first track I have heard from Charity and I loved what I was hearing, this track for me was perfect. Overall a fantastic single which I cannot fault, this single has a magical sound to it which you will instantly fall in love with, this is a little treat for the ears and is a track you need in your playlist!


By Siân Parker