How did you all meet?

“I was working with a drummer from France I met on YouTube. We were having a hard time getting anything done because we were both trying to write to each other, passing things back and forth. It was too complicated, and nothing ended up getting done so we decided to wrap it up. I thought about using programmed drums, but decided to look around for someone to do them. I found Shane on a message board as a session drummer and told him I was interested. I told him that I just wanted him to send me fully done drum tracks, and I would write to him. That seemed to be the best way to do it for me. He thought that was no problem, and we’ve been working together for about four or five years now”.

Who were your musical influences growing up?

“The Beatles and The Beach Boys for sure, Motown, Metallica, Morbid Angel, Public Enemy. Guns N Roses. That’s what got me into guitar. I’ve always been consumed by music, and consumed music. I’ve always listened and wanted to make it”. 

What made you want to be in a band?

“Just music in general. I was in a punk band in high school, but I’ve always been more interested in recording more than performing. I’m also a control freak, so that’s mostly the reason Void Collapse is a project band. Making albums is what I love doing”. 

What has been your best gig?

“We don’t play out unfortunately. I’ve honestly just never been into it. Now I’m older with a family, and Shane lives in another state, so I doubt that will ever happen”. 

Can you tell us a little bit about your music?

“Sure, we just released our second full length Gwenda a few months ago. It’s the first chapter in a four part concept about the queens of the tarot deck. We have a split with Before the Storm We Flourished coming up right now, it should be out right at the beginning of December. We’re really excited about that”. 

Describe your music in three words. 

“Quick, heavy, and ethereal”.

What makes your band stand out from others?

“Hopefully it will be personal to people, and tell a story through the whole package with a element of fantasy. I just want people to connect with it. I’m making it for me, and it’s cool that we live in a day we’re we can just put it out. So I hope people can tell that a lot of personal love and care went into it”.

If your band had to be remembered for one thing besides your music, what would it be?

“Just to be remembered, and to be a part of death metal is all I’m hoping for. I love the history, and the whole thing. That’s all I could ever ask for with Void Collapse”.

By Siân Parker