DJ of Alternative, Industrial, Goth, EBM music from 2016. Composer and Producer of Dark Electronic Music from 2015 London. He has been DJing for Reptile, Antichrist, Slimelight (London) and also co-founder of Ich Will, Sunday Lullaby club-nights and 8MusicGroup promotions/music management (London).

DJ Translight: “’Ann’s Hell’ soundtrack was commissioned for a short movie about mental health. Unfortunately the short got cancelled so I decided to release the soundtrack anyway, and to use a picture (where you can see me in the background, if you look at it carefully) by Torturett Photography to capture the release. The picture is taken from an online exhibition of Torturett called St. Ann’s Hospital. St Ann’s Hospital is a mental clinic.

The length of ‘Ann’s Hell’ is meant to cover all the duration of the short movie so it is ten minutes long and I have been experimenting with virtual piano, arch instruments on synths and electronic beats. The single is part of ‘Transnake’ the new upcoming album from DJ Translight. ‘Ann’s Hell’ is on all music platforms.”

This single instantly grabbed my attention, the tracks show some great talent as well as some fantastic riffs which will have you hooked, I feel is the ideal track we all need to add to our playlist.

The single itself has been recorded well and shows some great talent. This is a quality single which you can tell has been put together with a lot of care and attention to detail.


By Ollie Cooper