Since his ascension in 2019, West Midlands based The New Consistent has carved out a niche as a rapper with a difference. His silky, bona fide delivery is matched with unique melodies and beats inspired by both modern UK and classic US Hip Hop.

The track teases his tendency to succumb to the pressures of a world where a peaceful hour seems hard to come by. In an age filled with severe distraction, mediocrity and insincerity, TNC’s feelings match that of a generation. Bavaro’s verse is complimentary; lines littered with stories of a more personal perspective offer a darker shift in tone before one last chorus to amalgamate the pair’s dismay.

‘Really, it’s born out of a frustration with various experiences I’ve had, and how I’ve coped with them. There was a few times when I’d been struggling with something and resorted to social media for a mindless escape, but just ended up coming out the other side of an hour long scrolling session feeling worse. It often seems like there’s not much room to breathe when you do that, and that the world is attacking you from every angle’.

The sound on this incredible single is unique and for me had me hooked within seconds, there is something about this track that I instantly loved. The single is everything I expect to hear from a track created by The New Consistent, relatable lyrics which a unique sound which packs a punch. The feature with Hunter Bavaro is fantastic and works so well to create an extra special single which will have the listeners hooked and wanting to hear more.

The strong vocals and brilliant instrumentals combined with Ben’s own funky and unique sounds captures the listeners attention instantly. The high energy and ability to create memorable songs which all pack a punch in their own way is fun and refreshing to hear.

If the vocals and sound do not capture your attention instantly the relatable lyrics will grab your attention. The lyrics are full of detail which help to capture the listeners attention and will have them gripped, whilst relating to every word in this incredible single. 

A fantastic single!


By Ollie Cooper