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26 year old from Leicester who's life revolves around music and football.


“We are the Leaf UK from dismal old Stoke-on-Trent, the bumhole of the Midlands, the Midlands being the  bumhole of the UK. No, really, we love it, where else can you get oatcakes and a vibrant music scene? We make very heavy but tuneful grunge-punky-classic rock, fresh, gnarly and unique!”

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Lieder Distortion

How did you all meet?

We met at the opera college and the internet

I have been working on this album together with Swedish and Italian musicians since the day I dropped out of the Academy of Opera. I had a year left and was supposed to take a year off, but I never came back. Instead, I started freelancing in the most diverse genres, music styles and venues.

After revising the album several times, we finally released our first single in January 2023. The album will be released on the Italian label Shunu Records to which I sent a demo at an early stage. After that, they have been a huge part of the process of developing the sound and arrangements of the songs.

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Little King – ‘Silver Tongue’

The Dynamic Rock band Little King have released their new single, ‘Silver Tongue’, to all of the usual Digital platforms. ‘Silver Tongue’ is the raucous culmination of 25+ years of Little King releases. This single is a celebration of the band’s musical history as well as a confident launch into the future. Moody, introspective, heavy, complex, and ultimately triumphant, ‘Silver Tongue’ stands as the quintessential Little King opus.

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Lucky Iris – ‘23’

Lucky Iris are an alt pop duo who have put their own personal spin on the resurgence of electro-acoustic music, resulting in the production of a set on intimate silky tunes with a fresh aesthetic.

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The Rafters – ‘What’s it all about?’

This single packs a punch from the very beginning and I believe it’s the best single the band have created so far. They have managed to maintain their ability to bang out instantly memorable track and there is no doubt that this track will fit perfectly into their already impressive set list.

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Nightbird Casino

We are called Nightbird Casino – this is James, the lead vocalist and guitarist. Where we’re from is complicated. Currently we’re all living in southern Oregon. I’m from New York originally, the other three band members (Oliver Collins – drums; Landon Strine – bass; Amanda Moore – keys) are from different parts of California. The band was founded in Los Angeles in 2017. Our music is, at its simplest, alternative rock. To get deeper we’re heavily influenced by 80s post-punk and the 2000s post-punk revival, so whatever genre you want to call that. We make sad music for audiophiles and musicians.

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Sano Hill

How did you all meet?

I’m a singer songwriter who collaborates with various musicians for recordings and gigs. Right now I’m collaborating with producer and multi-instrumentalist Larry Hogan on the production of my forthcoming album, ‘If Not Now, When?’

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Finding Aurora – ‘The Never-Ending’

This single instantly grabbed my attention from the opening guitar riff, the track itself shows some great instrumental talent from all the band members as well as some fantastic vocals.

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We are Segmentia from Seinäjoki, Finland. We play our own unique blend of pop metal with electronic and symphonic elements. We have just released our second EP called Alone, so if you want to learn what we are all about, that’s a great place to start!  

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