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BilloBuckers – ‘Sweat & Alcopops’

BilloBuckers is a four piece band from Leicester who have released their debut single ‘sweat and alcopops’ which is available to stream on all music platforms.

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Ashley Stacey – ‘Up To My Eyes’

Ashley Stacey is an Indie Rock singer / songwriter from South East London.

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The New Consistent ft Hunter Bavaro – ‘Led Astray’

Since his ascension in 2019, West Midlands based The New Consistent has carved out a niche as a rapper with a difference. His silky, bona fide delivery is matched with unique melodies and beats inspired by both modern UK and classic US Hip Hop.

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Matter of Mind – ‘Losing Faith’

Matter of Mind are an Alternative Emo Rock group from Stockport, a town that resides in Greater Manchester, UK. The band consists of J Lambert-Philp (Vocals & Guitar), Rob Bramwell (Bass), Ash Meadowcroft (Guitar) and Connor Mcque (Drums). Matter Of Mind have gone against the grain with their musical style and have not stuck to the typical ‘Manchester’ sound. They channel a classic, old school emo/post hardcore influence but with a modern twist and throw pop melodies into the pot that will have you singing your heart out until your throat is bloody.

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Little King – ‘Silver Tongue’

The Dynamic Rock band Little King have released their new single, ‘Silver Tongue’, to all of the usual Digital platforms. ‘Silver Tongue’ is the raucous culmination of 25+ years of Little King releases. This single is a celebration of the band’s musical history as well as a confident launch into the future. Moody, introspective, heavy, complex, and ultimately triumphant, ‘Silver Tongue’ stands as the quintessential Little King opus.

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Lucky Iris – ‘23’

Lucky Iris are an alt pop duo who have put their own personal spin on the resurgence of electro-acoustic music, resulting in the production of a set on intimate silky tunes with a fresh aesthetic.

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The Rafters – ‘What’s it all about?’

This single packs a punch from the very beginning and I believe it’s the best single the band have created so far. They have managed to maintain their ability to bang out instantly memorable track and there is no doubt that this track will fit perfectly into their already impressive set list.

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Finding Aurora – ‘The Never-Ending’

This single instantly grabbed my attention from the opening guitar riff, the track itself shows some great instrumental talent from all the band members as well as some fantastic vocals.

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Marseille – ‘Thinker’

Marseille are a young indie rock band from Derby consisting of Will Brown on Vocals/Rhythm Guitar, Joe Labram on Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals, Lennon Hall on Bass/Backing Vocals and Tom Spray on  Drums/Percussion. They have released a new single ‘Thinker’ it is the third single from their upcoming debut EP ‘Freedom’.

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