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Lost Dogs of Ultimo

Lost Dogs Of Ultimo started out In Melbourne  as a project for myself in 2020 to photograph and film Street Art and record music to add to the little videos I made. I started recording  instrumentals usually with a Surf Punk flavour. This has expanded to more lyrical based tracks that I record with themes around usual but sometimes confronting Life experiences like Death and Mental Health issues arising from the  harsh lockdowns.

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Nightbird Casino

We are called Nightbird Casino – this is James, the lead vocalist and guitarist. Where we’re from is complicated. Currently we’re all living in southern Oregon. I’m from New York originally, the other three band members (Oliver Collins – drums; Landon Strine – bass; Amanda Moore – keys) are from different parts of California. The band was founded in Los Angeles in 2017. Our music is, at its simplest, alternative rock. To get deeper we’re heavily influenced by 80s post-punk and the 2000s post-punk revival, so whatever genre you want to call that. We make sad music for audiophiles and musicians.

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Top 10 bands of 2022

2022 is coming to an end, what a year it’s been, it’s been a year full of great music. I’ve managed to choose my top 10 bands of 2022, it’s been hard to choose but I’ve managed to narrow it down and believe me when I say I’ve spent hours on this list but finally I have my top 10 bands of 2022.

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How did you all meet?

“We all kind of knew each other from our local scene in Denver having played in bands together before or just performing with one another in previous groups”.

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The rising artist Ber has earned praise for her heartfelt songwriting and angelic vocals heard in her early releases such as ‘Meant To Be’. That song has already exceeded 50 million streams, leading to airplay from Radio 1 as well as Zane Lowe and Travis Mills at Apple Music 1. She has also been embraced by a community of singer-songwriters, most notably when she performed as part of a supergroup at Barn On The Farm with Holly Humberstone, Maisie Peters, JP Saxe, Dylan Fraser and Flyte’s Will Taylor. Today, Ber unveils the official video for her latest single, “Superspreader,”

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Lady Silver – ‘News of the World’

Enter alt-rock band Lady Silver. With a news-worthy song and video combination. Their incredibly catchy new single ‘News of the World’ is remarkably witty and acts as the perfect introduction to a band doing things differently in the rock landscape. Lady Silver’s songs are loaded with satirical charm, often with a sprinkling of dry humour. The upcoming album ‘Circus Pop’, from which NOTW is taken, explores the absurdity of fake news via a visual and lyrical tragi-comic stance. The video for this is unforgettable; using deepfake technology the song’s message is brought to viewers via the likes of Kim K and Elon Musk, which was made possible thanks to renowned deepfake mastermind Roy Kahalani.

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Tide Lines

Taking a self-produced, self-released album into the upper reaches of the charts is a big ask at the best of times – let alone for a band in the middle of lockdown who had established a word-of-mouth following largely on the road. Instead, Tide Lines’ Robert Robertson played a ten-day virtual world tour – a series of livestreams dotted on Google Earth, in front of some internationally themed backdrops designed by keyboardist Ross Wilson. Their DIY improvisation helped to prove that their record, ‘Eye of the Storm’, with no record deal or team around them – could travel the world and fly up the charts as it debuted at #12 on the official UK album chart, narrowly missing the Top 10.

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Virtue In Vain

How did you all meet?

Myself (Hywel) and the guitarist (Emyr) are brothers. Our bassist (Mason) & Drummer (Dan) were in other local bands in south wales. Eventually with line up changes we all came together and are were we are today

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Raven Shelley

I’m Raven Shelley, an alt//indie-folk singer-songwriter. I was born in the UK but grew up in the South of France, coming back to England as a teenager. I lived in Manchester (where I went to uni) for 4 years before escaping to the country for a year. I’m currently in the Peak District, but I’m returning to the city in the Autumn to focus on music. I write honest, lyrically complex and intriguing songs. My first single, ‘Sink in Solitude’ has just been released!

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