Minna Ora unleashes a new indie-folk release ‘Sea’, and it is what I was expecting, given her strong backlog. 
Born and raised in Finland, Minna is becoming a national treasure in her native land, but she is spreading her wings globally too. Furthermore, fans are flocking far and wide to grab a listen of her fresh release, and it is evident to see why. 

Furthermore, her tones are infectious, and she deliveries a performance which has remarkable quality. It all gets underway with a crushing overture with the cymbals sounding out with power. Minna then leaps forward to the mic, and she meets the rhythm guitar with no dissonance. 

Vocally, Minna is a radiant light which shines brightly in the night sky. I can almost reach out and touch her emotion as if it were a tangible asset. Also, she introduces the right amount of backing harmony as it adds weight to the sound but does not take over her main lead. Nevertheless, it would be even more powerful to hear a few more layers of vocals along the way and to add to the stereo effect on 5.1 setups. 

As the track progresses, the music becomes even more potent with the pace picking up with a harrowing tempo. I relish how the energy leaks out of the mix as it plays through, and once we are into the chorus, it is hard to let go of the hook. Additionally, in the latter, the music smashes through the industry noise, and it makes for one of the most colossal finales to an indie-folk song which I have come across in recent times. 

By Dodgem