It’s been a while since I’ve heard some high-energy indie pop bangers but Cardiff lads Monico Blonde are bringing exactly that and it’s great to see. I was lucky enough to catch these guys live at The Camelon Arts Café in Nottingham for a gig set up by This Feeling. I had heard about this band before from hearing them being played on Radio X, I was not disappointed with what I heard.From the first few seconds of being on the stage the band quickly got the crowd drawn in and tapping along to their tracks. Their stage presence was great and seeing the band have fun on the stage whilst they played was enjoyable to watch. It’s great to watch a band who can entertain the crowd and have fun whilst they do it.

Their music is full of brilliant guitar solos and choruses, it’s fun and refreshing to hear a band that are a bit different to others I have seen live. The track that stood out most to me has to be ‘Love Is An Only Child’ with its guitar hooks combined with its lyrics it’s a fun and energetic song that is great to hear live. Hearing this track live I can imagine this being a great song to be blasting out your car stereo in the summer as you’re getting ready for the festival season.

A fun, talented and exciting band to see live, they are great to watch live too. They are making huge waves across the country and are full of energy. I can only see positive things happening for this band.

A band to watch out for and you have to see them live for yourself to see how amazing they are. 10/10 and a great bunch of guys.

By Siân Parker







Set list:

Love Is An Only Child

Bad Thoughts

Flowers On Tarmac

90s Baby

When Girls Cry


Losing Your Friends

Spanish Leather