On Saturday 13th April Jersey played for the first time with his new band Silverball at their sold-out gig at the historic Guildhall in Leicester. I’ve been lucky enough to see Jersey play live a few times in the past, he has never disappointed and Saturday nights gig was no exception.

The gig consisted of tracks from Jersey’s albums ‘Wonderland’ and ‘The Gathering Dust’ as well as showcasing some new material signalling a change in direction for him and his band which got the crowd singing, clapping along and making it a Saturday night they won’t forget in a hurry.

From the first few seconds of Jersey being on the stage with the rest of the band he quickly got the crowd drawn in and tapping along to the tracks. The music is full of brilliant guitar solos and choruses, the track that stood out most to me has to be ‘She Came Back’ with its guitar hooks combined with its lyrics makes it a catchy and energetic song that is great to hear live.

The night was full of great music and a crowd that loved every second of it. As well as watching the crowd enjoy every second it was also great to see Jersey and the rest of his band enjoying themselves on the stage, it’s great to watch a band who can entertain the crowd and have a great connection on stage with each other.

A great night and I can’t wait to see what Jersey and Silverball have planned for the future.


By Siân Parker B

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