Chasing Shadows are a 4-piece rock/pop/indie band based in North Wales and Chester, consisting of Sam Roberts (lead vocals, lead guitar), Ben Etchells-Rimmer (guitar, backing vocals), Russ Pearson (bassist, backing vocals), Chris Leonard (drums). Influenced by their favourite bands (such as The Stereophonics, Foo Fighters and Green Day) Chasing Shadows aim to create an upbeat and exciting sound with catchy melodies.

I have only recently found out about this band I was looking forward to hearing the bands new single. When finding a new band to listen to I like to go and listen to their music without any expectations and just listen to how well it’s been made and let’s put it this way, this single didn’t disappoint. The first single I listened to was the band’s latest release ‘Fake Love’, I found myself going around doing my daily routine with this single stuck in my head after listening to it once.

The combination of simple riffs, great vocals and catchy lyrics makes this single a great treat for the ears. The vocals are great and the lyrics I feel we can all relate to, I love how they have managed to make the chorus catchy and still managed to keep the rocky sound to the single with a Chasing Shadows twist. In my opinion to fully appreciate it you need to listen to this single with your volume turned up to the max.

It’s a quality song that you can tell has been put together with a great deal of care and attention to detail, A refreshing sound from a band who are not afraid to sound different and I can’t wait to hear more from this band.

These are a band to keep an eye out for and one I can only see good things happening if they keep making great tracks like this one.

By Siân Parker