Bringing together a unique fusion of Psychedilia and Indie-Pop, hurled back to the 80’s: E.K.Ö provide swirling melodies and dizzying guitar solos. Brainchild of multi-instrumentalist George Baynes, the South Wales based collective promises to get you dancing, whether you like it or not. They have a EP out called ‘Electrified’ which is available to listen to on all major music platforms.

What I instantly learnt from listening to the EP is the band are not afraid to mix up what they do. The EP is a little over 17 minutes of catchy lyrics with an electronic and indie pop sound and a 80’s feel to the tracks and a hint of their rock influences as well as creating their own unique sound. They have managed to combine the mixture of sounds and make them work well which is not an easy task, but they have made this task look easy. I have no doubt that you will be dancing along to every track on this EP or at least tapping along to it’s upbeat feel.

They have created an incredibly impressive set of songs that have that the E.K.Ö vibe, each song shows the band know how to put a great song together. In all honesty I was a little surprised with the range of sounds each song has and how each song makes you feel totally different to the previous song, they have managed to combine so much into each track with I find very impressive. What I also love about this brilliant EP is how each track has an edge of rawness to it, this for me makes them even better and the sound even more unique.

The track that really stood out to me from this brilliant EP was ‘Decisions’, it has the typical E.K.Ö sound, the upbeat indie pop feel with the electronic sound. Along with the relatable lyrics with some great vocals it makes this single an instant favourite. The chorus will no doubt have you singing along. – a basic guarantee that it will be a success live with a crowd’s backing. I also love the guitar riffs in this track for me they really made this track stand out. This track I feel has everything you would want to hear from an instant memorable track.

I really can not fault any of the tracks in this EP, they all bring their own unique sound and show off the band’s talents. This EP really proves the band can write some great tracks that you will instantly full in love with. This EP is now on one of my playlists, so I now be enjoying traveling around in my car listening to this EP whilst tapping along to each single. It’s the perfect EP to listen to in the summer as I feel it kind of has a slight festival sound and vibe to the EP as well and in these strange times we are going through this EP I feel is one you need to have in your playlist to cheer you up and get you dancing. I love this EP and I feel you need to listen to from start to finish to fully appreciate for yourself how good it is.

A brilliant instant memorable EP from an exciting and talented band that I feel have a good and promising future ahead if they keep making great tracks like the ones on this EP. I can’t wait to hear more music from this band and to hopefully see them live soon.

Great job guys!


By Siân Parker