Singer-songwriter Grace Davies has recently released her debut EP ‘Friends With The Tragic’. The EP will be released alongside jubilant new single ‘Just A Girl’, a defiant anthem of female empowerment as well as a lesson in gender inequality. The accompanying visuals, reimagined in quarantine, were directed by award winning director Kate Cox (Nowness, Vogue) and attest as an intimate, fun, incarnation of the track.

The EP is a mixture of emotions, sounds and a lot of talent with each song telling a story that you will be able to relate to, it really makes you stop whatever you are doing and listen to the EP. When I usually listen to an EP I will listen to one or two songs from it but with this EP there was something that made me listen to every song on it. Grace voice, it’s tones, unique sound, and magical feel to it really shows through.

My favourite track would have to be ‘Just A Girl’, the upbeat sound really caught my attention and the message behind the track really stood out for me and it got me thinking. This is a well-produced single that had been put together with a lot of care and attention to detail, this is not usually the sort of thing I’d listen to but I must admit I enjoyed listening to this single and the whole EP.

Great job Grace!


By Ollie Cooper