Bark Mailey is an acoustic songwriter & musician from Stoke-on-Trent has just released his debut four-track EP called ‘The First Edition’. Bark say’s “The First Edition is my debut EP as a solo artist released on Friday just gone. I’ve toured in a band for the last seven years around the UK but had some solo ideas for a while and decided to start it up at the beginning of this year. The four track EP was recorded at my local studio (UTC Studio) in Stoke-on-Trent with Tom Bath, who is more than experienced in the local music scene having played in seminal Stoke band Big Cash Prizes back in the day”.

I only discovered this incredible artist a few days ago, from the moment I heard the EP I was hooked. If you are looking for an EP that grabs your attention straight away and with is acoustic sorrow sound with a hint of Nashville melodrama and a magical sound this is the EP for you.

The EP is a little over 10 minutes of beautiful vocals and a simple yet catchy acoustic sounds, the combination of guitar with Bark’s vocals is magical and really makes this EP sound special. Each track on this EP tells a story which draws you in and you can’t help but sit and listen to every single word in each track, each track is guaranteed to awaken every hair on the back of your neck.

I found myself listening to the EP from start to finish and was left wanting to hear more from the incredible artist. Overall another fantastic EP which I cannot fault and one I hope I get to hear being played live soon.


By Ollie Cooper