Southampton’s finest two-piece The Vitrines are back with their new track ‘Something New’ which is available to stream on all music platforms. ‘Something New’ looks at the change and sacrifices that comes with moving away from your hometown. The two lads certainly know their sound, crafting together their combination of riff heavy guitars, pop melodies and groove laden drumming.

The first thing that you will be blown away about when you hear the latest track is that these guys are a two piece. The opening bars of the single drips with confidence, the duo have created a track filled with killer bass sounds, thrashing guitar riffs, pounding drums and great vocals which will have you hooked.

It’s impossible to not listen to incredible single without at least tapping along and wishing you was hearing this track being played live. The duo’s high energy and ability to create instantly memorable songs that grab your attention within seconds is clear and easy to see, their unique sound packs a punch and draws you in.

This is an impressive single, the duo has managed to create something that shows off their musical talents and combined classic sounds we love to hear with the duo’s own unique sounds. It is not easy to create a track like ‘Something New’ especially when its created by a duo, but The Vitrines have made it look easy.

The Vitrines are one of those bands who you need to be getting excited about, because if this single is anything to go by then the future is very bright for these lads.


By Siân Parker