Polygamy are a 5-Piece alternative-rock band from Greater Manchester. The origins of Polygamy go back to front-person Adam Grealish and bassist Max Ritchie’s secondary-school days, where they would constantly be involved with new projects, keeping line-ups and sounds fresh. Assisted by multi-instrumentalist, Jake Thornley; drummer, Nathaniel Coop; and guitarist, Emily Bartholomew, the band – none of whom are over the age of 17 – reach the sonic maturity they strive for.

Behind the closed door of his bedroom, Adam began working on music for Polygamy in early 2021, inspired by a love for a variety of genres; industrial music, hip-hop, modern psychedelia, and indie-rock. After building a solid collection of original material, the band officially formed in July of 2022. Polygamy have now finally come into the public eye, having played energetic live shows to sold out audiences at The Jacaranda in Liverpool and Retro in Manchester.

‘My House’, the incendiary self-produced debut single, expeditiously guides us through the narrative of one’s mind slowly deteriorating. Over the blend of a ferocious bass line and a jagged guitar melody, Grealish likens this destroyed mind to being shot, flashing moments of the narrator’s life throughout the track. Offering an explanation on the track, Grealish states, “My House was one of the first songs me and Nat worked on together. The lyrics poured out of me naturally; I wanted to give my personal perspective of how my struggles with mental health have been. At points it has felt as though my anxieties were going to be the death of me, and that my grip on life was fading. The insecurities I’ve had have torn apart my relationships with people, and I was – until recently – very unforgiving of myself. The song deals with that struggle of being unable to accept the absolution I had to offer to myself.” My House will be released on the 17th November.

Their single ‘My House’ is a little over 2 minutes of catchy riffs, fun and exciting tunes, the track has been recorded well and shows some great instrumental talent from all the band members as well as some fantastic vocals. Within the first few seconds of hearing it I was hooked.

It’s a well recorded track with a perfect balance of guitar, bass, drums and vocals. It’s fun and energetic to listen to and I can imagine this track going down very well live, you need to listen to this track with your volume turned up to the max.

A great single from a talented young band who knows what the future holds for this recently new band to the scene but if they carry on making great tracks like the one I can only see good things happening for this band in the future.


By Siân Parker