This single instantly grabbed my attention from the opening guitar riff, the track itself shows some great instrumental talent from all the band members as well as some fantastic vocals.

It’s impossible to not love this incredible single from the strong vocals, layered guitar riffs and brilliant instrumentals which will have you hooked. The bands have proven they can write a track that will no doubt be stuck in your head for the rest of the day and leave you wanting to hear more. If the sound doesn’t have you hooked within seconds the lyrics will, they are relatable, catchy and will take you on a lyrical journey.

A refreshing sound from a band who have managed to make their sound stand out from other bands. The Rafters are a band to keep an eye out for and one you should definitely listen to. A fantastic single that is full of energy and is just a joy to listen to, I cannot wait to hear more music from the band.


By Siân Parker